How to make rearrangeable objects and display them for every user

Hello guys,

Title is maybe confusing but I will try to explain what is that I need.

I have application that shows tables of some place (e.g restaurant). This tables are shown to end user.
But I want owner to be able to rearrange these tables position from admin panel. He will be presented container ( just a rectangle to keep it simple ) and I want them to be able to take table (it can be icon or whatever) and place it wherever they want (literally in any direction or position in this container). They can add as many tables as they want and place them where they want. This part is for frontend and I am not too scared of this. But problem for me is how can I save this information on backend? Because I want owner to save this position of tables and then when end user comes to page of that place I want them to see the positioning of these tables that owner provided.

How can I achieve this? Is it possible?

I made this sketch so you can see what I mean : Screenshot by Lightshot

What do u feel is the complexity here?

If u built the app for admin then you can take the layout (underlying data?) and save to a server

Then the other user pulls that data and displays accordingly?

Please read the question. I want to know how can i save position of the tables owner places in container. And then show them in wxact place for end user. Look at image as well it will explain what i want to achieve.