How to make a hybrid app whose website is available..and I need my design to implement

Hello ,
I am confused here …I got a project in which I have to make a hybrid app in which i want my design to implement it’s a sever side app…like a college ERP …I don’t know how to use the website functionality when I click on the icon…please guide me I am a beginner.

How to ask good questions.

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So many inappropriate questions on this forum. This kind of questions should be posted on Upwork or some other freelancing service.
Let’s break down your question:

I got a project in which I have to make a hybrid app

And then

please guide me I am a beginner.

So you have to do something which makes me believe that you are going to get paid for that work.
But you are beginner and you don’t know how to handle the problem. Right? So take 10 bloody pounds and go watch some Udemy course!

I don’t mean to be mean but it is utterly overwhelming. I come to this forum to help (as much as I can) people out when they stuck on some problem. But all I read is free work requests.

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Hello Sir,

With due respect sir. I am learning from issue is so complicated I don’t know how to solve.if you will listen to my problem and can help it will be a great help. I am not asking for you to do any work. I just don’t know what’s the solution.I just need some assistance.

Sorry i didn’t mean to hurt anyones feeling.I was in need of help and I didn’t know where to post my problem.please help me if u can

Thanks & Regards