How to loop throw array of objects?


i have this array of objects that came from firebase

when i used this all method nothing appear on the console
1- using foreach

    this.ObjectArray.forEach(Data => {

2- using index


idon’t know why nothing appear to the console
but my problem is that i want to fetch a list of data from firebase google cloud and then loop throw this list

thanks in advance


How are you getting the data? I’m not sure if it’s relevant, but it seems to think that it’s an empty array perhaps with properties named 0 and 1.

Minor note, but I’d also suggest using lowerCamelCase for property names as it’s standard.


this how i’m getting data from firebase

    let charites = [{Key : '' , Name : ''  , Description : ''  ,Points :''}];
    firebase.database().ref('/charites/').on("value", (snapshot) => {
      snapshot.forEach((snap) => {
          Key: snap.key,
          Name: snap.val().Name,
          Description: snap.val().Description,
          Points: snap.val().Points
        return false;
    return charites;