How to localize the display bundle name of an iconic app on xcode 7.3

I have read the stackoverflow posts as well as Apple documentation on this matter, tried countless attempts, and none localizes the name under icon name on ios on my ionic 1 apps on xcode 7.3.

Here is the minimum steps example:

$ ionic start foobar
$ edit config.xml to foobar
$ ionic build

In xcode 7.3
Menu->Editor-> Export Localizations
Edit the generated file to a french translation, and imported again
Remove Display Bundle Name from Info.plist
Set the simulator to French

Whatever the values I set on CFBundleDisplayName or CFBundleName, it always displays: foobar.

Here are more details:

I guess this must be issue connected to cordova, since all the posts around this subject, are based on creating a InfoPlist.strings, but if I do that:

  1. It doesn’t create the Base file
  2. It doesn’t even build the project, returning an error.

Do you have any suggestion different from all the stackoverflow posts, or Apple documentation, since none of it works.