How to launch Ionic application and open it separately (NOT Web view)

Hello people,

I have two Ionic applications that need to the be able to open each other, NOT in a Web View, but externally (if the app is already running, it can be restarted or just continue - I will handle both).

After many hours of research, I found that, using InAppBrowser (, _system)), I was able to open externally every commercial application I tried (facebook, twitter, maps, etc). The same call, when trying to open one of my applications, opens it in a Web View.“fb://”, _system) -> opens Facebook separetely.“myapp://”, _system) -> opens my application in a web view.

I’ve tried to modify AndroidManifest,xml and the config.xml, but almost everything I change is erased by the building.
For example, if I change "android:launchMode=“singleTop” to "android:launchMode=“singleTask” and i run “Ionic build”, my change is lost and singleTop is there again.

Any solution? I really don’t know what to do! :frowning: Thank’s a lot!!

Yes. I also am facing the same issue. I’m using “Custom-URL-scheme” plugin to launch my application. But eu to singleTop the application is launched in another instance. Cordova building doesn’t pick launchMode from config.xml and sets it to singleTop in AndroidManifest.xml.

Any solution to to use singleTask?

@rajil @Marcuccissimo did you find any solution to this? works well with app to app navigation