How to launch external app passing data - the second app has to get data from the application who opens it

Hello everybody!
I’m new to the forum and to Ionic world and today I come with an interesting problem for you! :smiley:
I have two apps that have to share some informations.
Actually, they should be able to launch each other and send some data when launching.

For example, App1 opens App2 sending arg1 = “hello app2”, and App2 should be able to get that parameter.
The same should be possible in the other way too.

I’ve tried some cordova plugins, but those generally open the second applications in a web view, that is not useful for me.
I found a plugin that is called “StartApp”, but I can’t find nowhere how to catch data from the second application.

Do you guys have any idea for doing this?

Thank you so much for your help!!! Ionic is the future! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m also facing the same issue of catching the data from the second application, as mentioned by @Marcuccissimo. If any one has solution to this, please reply.