How to just open a html page to edit CSS and see progress

I want to edit just the Conclusion page. For this i edit the corresponding css file and would like to see the changes immediately.
If I start the app with ionic serve, it refreshes or compiles permanently after a few seconds. So I can’t stay on the conclusion Modul or page.
Thanks in advance
Jonas Fischer :pray:
(As you can see, I am at the very beginning in this world…)

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Please, edit your question to give us more details of what you want to achieve, what you already have and what is preventing you from achieving your goal. From what you said I didn’t understood any of the three.

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Currently I’m in an internship, and we have to update an app. You have to answer a few questions and get a result at the end.
For example my task is to make the Result page look more organised.
This I do by editing the scss code. But I can not see the results if I edit it. If I open the html page in the browser I only get unformated text.
If I start the app by ionic serve, the app refreshes itself every 10 seconds, because it compiles permanently. If I answer the 3 questions fast enough, I get to the result page, but then the app starts again and I’m back at the start and can not see my progress.

You should NOT open the HTML file as an individual file like you would do with a regular HTML/JS/CSS project.
How you’re serving the app? using only ionic serve? If so this should not happen. It should only refresh the page in case there is some change in one of the project files.

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Yeah I thought the same, only if I edit anything, but it refreshed/compiled every few seconds. I opened the project folder local in php Storm and put ionic serve in the terminal as usual.

Now we connected to Sourcetree and it works solid. Strange.
Thank you so much for your fast and awesome response :fire::heart::fire::pray: