How to Integrate Backand and Ionic-Calendar

I am using Backand as my BaaS and I am trying to it as my datasource with Ionic-Calendar but I am not sure where to start.

This is what I have done so far:

My objective is to use the data from backand and use it as events on my ionic-calendar. I have managed to bind data from users input to backand already,but not to the calendar.

According to the documentation on the Ionic-Calendar, my understanding is that I need to change the value of eventSource and queryMode, which are set to “null” and “local” by default.

So if I were to use Backand, what should I assign the value of eventSource to be? If I need to change queryMode to remote, what should the custom logic to be filled into eventSource?

I would appreciate it if someone could guide me along. Thanks! :smile: