How to install ionic in angular pwa base project?

I manage to install Ionic in a just backed cli Angular 7 Project by hand copying the diff files of the build “ionic start name template”…

I like to see something more like this:
ng new basic-app
cd basic-app
ng add @angular/pwa --project basic-app
ionic start . << will add all necessary files.

Is ok this idea? less friction with existing advances angular projects.

And last note, when I start copying, I notice the angular.json ~ projects.<project_name> is fixed to “app”, another name there will give me an error.


Is there a reason you don’t want to just use ionic start in the beginning?

Well, I have advanced angular 7 project, like 2 weeks of coding, I added material, sass, a full custom auth module with firebase, I think that it will be nice just plugin ionic and make the builds, at this point after testing more I gonna try rebuild on a new ionic project.