How to install Ionic Framework 2.2.0

me and two friends start ionic 2 project .they install ionic framework version 2.2.0.but when im install ionic framework version is should install Ionic Framework version 2.2.0.this is not about ionic CLI version.please help me.

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Ionic CLI != Ionic Angular.

The CLI has nothing to do with your Ionic project.
And can you explain why do you want to use the old Ionic version?

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because my friends are using older version when we integrate our app version miss match may causes the problem and new version file structure is different .
example:- when i generate page there is 4 file for each page ionic generate ‘pagename’.module.ts but when others are generating page they only have 3 files

Do you use Git to work together?
Why do you don’t upgrade your project to 3.0.1? There are no breaking changes.
And you can delete the module files without any problems.
Ionic 3.0 is just Ionic 2 with Angular 4 then 2 so I highly recommend to upgrade. You will have a faster and smaller app at the end of the day,


we dont use Git.i delete module.ts then i run ionic serve after that server is not running properly

When you work together on a project you should always use git to share and control your code. As a software developer, it is always good to know how to work with tools like git or any other SCM system.


@LoLStats has nailed this topic, but I would also like to suggest avoiding the generators for the time being. They aren’t exactly your friend at the moment.

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im new to programming therefor i dont know much about Git as a SD i should learn git thanks for your advice

Trust me it is worth it!
Git is easy to use and learn with tools like GitKraken or Git extensions.
You can host your code on GitHhub or GitLab for free.

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If you really, really can’t make Git work (really, only if this doesn’t work at all) you can also just copy the project folder from your friend to your computer, delete the node_modules folder and then run npm install to get it back with corrects paths inside. Then you should be able to work.

But again, if you want to work on the same code you will need to use Git or similar anyway. It’s not that complicated.

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thanx a lot i should try that