How to insert simple component from ionic docs to creator


i really hope someone can help me in here…
i read how to add basic components in the ionic docs/components…
now i would like to understand how can i add it to the creator,

for example i like to add this tost component,
here is the basic code in the ionic docs:

import { ToastController } from 'ionic-angular';

export class MyPage {
  constructor(public toastCtrl: ToastController) {

  presentToast() {
    let toast = this.toastCtrl.create({
      message: 'User was added successfully',
      duration: 3000

what i like is to understand what should i change in this code to make it a function that i can call from the creator with directive…


Ionic Creator only support Ionic v1 for now. The code you posted if from Ionic v2 or newer. You will have to switch the docs to v1 to see stuff you could actually use.



you may know where can i find the v1 docs?
i need to find a way to add to creator the ‘alert-select’ and the 'tost’
in general if you could help me to know where can i find v1 docs for it (so i can add functions to creator and call them with directives) it will be wonderful and big help.

after talking with a few new users of the ionic creator, i must say that its good if can add tutorial for this,
i mean, in the creator tutorials they show the basic thing of add a directive and add a function to the controller page,
and it can use for many things (add other components that still not build in drag&drop creator),
so i think this answer of yours (if its possible) will help many of the creator beginners users…


#4 (#1 for “ionic docs v1” on Google)