How to include ngCordova plugins in my ionic app?


I want to add Cordova plugins into my ionic app. But it seems that it isn’t working.
I will walk you through the steps I took.

  1. Added cordova plugins in the plugins folder.
  2. Included ng-cordova.min.js file in index.html before codova.js
  3. Injected ngCordova in app.js
  4. Injected the required plugin in my controller ( $cordovaBarcodeScanner in this case)
    Can someone please help me with that?


dont forget after step 3 to install the plugin from the cli

for barcode you need to run

cordova plugin add

Yes, I ran this command which added the required plugin in the plugins folder.
Do, I have to do anything else to install the plugin?

check the config file in the root of your project to see that
the barcode plugin is there .