How to import InfiniteScroll?


Hi all,
I’m trying to include the **InfiniteScroll ** component in a page of an App.
In the documentation I can see this import:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { MockProvider} from './provider';
import { InfiniteScroll } from '../../../../../src';

I don’t understand where InfiniteScroll is located.
Should I install some component to use it?

Thank you



You are looking at the source of ionic-angular probably. Can you provide a link?

In general just follow the documentation. It is quite extensive.


I was copying from this page.

But now I’ve changed this line
doInfinite(infiniteScroll: InfiniteScroll) {..}
doInfinite(infiniteScroll) {..}

And now works without importing InfiniteScroll.


That is a demo that works with the source code of Ionic, not the Ionic package.
You would import from ionic-angular.