How to implement OAuth in Ionic?

I want to implement an Ionic App with OAuth. It’s not one of these special cases like Google, Facebook or using Firebase, but really plain old OAuth with an InAppBrowser where I log in to some service.

What are the best tutorials out there?
How can I best test this in a normal browser?

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Same challenge for me right now… take a look at this library what seems to work both in browser and in app:

It should be as easy as writing your own provider

I also found this step by step tutorial

For now I hacked it together using code from this article:

This uses the Cordova InAppBrowser plugin directly and also doesn’t work in the browser though.

The you mentioned seems to be a evolution of “my” article. The article you linked has terrible code formatting, but seems to be easy enough to follow.

Has nobody else implemented OAuth properly in Ionic?

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Did you figure this out? In particular with firebase authentication as the destination?