How to implement ionic select option?


I’m using ionic framework v1 with angularjs 1x in hybrid app. I need to create countdown timer like the one in this image: 2019-05-14_170611

I tried using the following code in a modal, but it does not look like in the design. Can someone please guide me how to do this? I am new to ionic framework.

<div class="modal">
    <h1 class="title">Choose </h1>
    <a ng-click="closeTimerModal()" class="button button-icon icon ion-close"></a>
  <ion-content class="hrscontainer">
    <ul class="list">
      <li class="item"  ng-repeat="hrs in timerHours" ng-click="clickTimerItem('h',hrs)">{{hrs}}</li>      
  <ion-content class="minscontainer">   
    <ul class="list">
      <li class="item"  ng-repeat="mins in timerMins" ng-click="clickTimerItem('m',mins)">{{mins}}</li>

This is app is being used in iOS and android.