How to implement an IONIC 4 slider similar to the Netflix app slider

Hi guys,

I am stuck in this challenge. I have been trying to code this slider for almost a week but I found the IONIC documentation very bad in relation to this. I managed to implement a slider, however I find it very tiring when I move the items to the side. On Netflix this feeling is softened and I would love to do similar to them. Here is the code I developed:


sliderConfig = {
slidesPerView: 2.8,
preloadImages: true,
speed: 1500,
effect: ‘fade’,
fadeEffect: {
crossFade: true



<ion-row *ngIf=“cars && cars.length>2”>
<ion-slides style=“padding-left:5%” [options]=“sliderConfig”>
<ion-slide *ngFor=“let car of cars”>
<img (click)=“openDetails(diario)” disabled [src]=“car.image” class=“thumb-img” />