How to I $state.go to the Child of Another Parent state? Is this possible?

I’m not sure what the issue is here, but I can’t seem to go to the child of another parent and have the child view appear. If I am in the state ‘tab.B’ and I want to navigate to ‘tab.A.B.C’ the controller loads, and the view loads but the new parent view doesn’t change to the active view.

My question is, should this be possible or not? As I said, the view is appended to the DOM, but the previous parent state remains as nav-view=“active”

My state stacks are loosely defined as

tab {abstract}
tab.A.B {abstract}

Going from tab.B to tab.A.B.C, [$state.go(‘tab.A.B.C’)] window.location updates, the view gets appended to the DOM, but tab.A does not activate as the active tab, and tab.B does not change to nav-view=“cached”, but the tab.A.B.C content show as nav-view=“active”

Going from tab.A to tab.A.B.C works as expected so makes me wonder if this is even possible.

Any help advice is greatly appreciated!