How to hide & show tab bar?

How to hide & show tab bar in easiest way ? Please help me Thanks :smile:

To my knowledge the easiest way is to use 3rd party plugin: Hide Tabs Directive

Iโ€™ve tried this it only hide one page , do you have some example in hiding the tab bar in multiple pages ? Here is the code I just used :

<ion view title="Page 1" hide-tab-bar>
  <button ui-sref="tabs.Page2">Page 2 </button>
</ion view>

<ion view title="Page 2" hide-tab-bar>
   <button ui-sref="tabs.Page2">Page 3 </button>
</ion view>

<ion view title="Page 3" hide-tab-bar>
   <button ui-sref="tabs.Page2">Page 1 </button>
</ion view>

@Gajotres how do you do immersive mode in cordova/ionic ? I have tried com.toluhta.immersify, com.mesmotronic.plugins.fullscreen and cordova-plugin-navigationbar but none of them are working do you have any working demo

Thank you

What device are you using? And please open a new post, donโ€™t hijack other people questions.

Try posting a GitHub ticket or ask @mhartington directly. Though this code is easy to understand, change it so it can be used on multiple views.