How to have emoji in ionic app

Hi guys,

In a current project i am working on, i am in need of using emoji icons in input box.
I have tried a lot of solutions available on the internet but have not been able to make it work.

I am trying to have something like what whatsapp has.

can anyone help me on this?


you could try to use a special styled div with the contenteditable attribute (i do not know if this is working on webview).

But it looks so:

The user can type in text --> and you could add something like bb-codes like it is here :slightly_smiling: = :slightly_smiling:
so you can replace such codes with icons (regexps ftw^^)

Hi bengtler,

Thanks for your response.
Could you provide a working sample if it is possible as i am very new into ionic. It would really help if you could provide a demo on codepen or somewhere else.

Thanks in advance.

do you successfully manage to use emoji in your app? I’m also finding hard time to implement it. As I use this it doesn’t suits the design I want (like messenger).