How to have 4 ng-repeat inside each slide?

What i’m trying to get is to have 4 data repeat inside per each slide, i have seen a lot of tutorials how to repeat data per each slide which works fine… however in my end i need to show 4 data per each slide and 2nd slide will also have 4 depending how many data is result comes after filtering…

this is the code im working on.
<ion-slide-box> <ion-slide ng-repeat="item in data | filter:itemFilter" ng-if="$index % 4 == 0"> <div class="col-sm-3" ng-repeat="item in data.slice($index, ($index+4 > data.length ? data.length : $index+4)) | filter:itemFilter"> <img ng-src="{{item.img}}" class=""/> <span class="item item-label"> {{}} </span> </div> </ion-slide> </ion-slide-box>
This works fine if there is no filtering applied, however if filtering is applied it shows 2 data in the first and 3 on the next and so on, depending on which the data falls.

for ex:
i have a total of 8 data when no filter…
data 1, data 2, data 3,data 4
data 5, data 6, data 7, data 8

when filter is applied and result is: data 1, data3, and data 6
the slider shows:
data1, data 3,
data 6
which is wrong… i can;t get it to show the 3 data in one slide…

any suggestion how can i do this? i have been searching for to days now and i can’t find a correct solution.