How to give background colour for notification in Cordova(ionic v1 framework)

Hi Developers!
I developing hybrid application and using Cordova(ionic v1 framework).I am able to show local notification. But I want to change title, message colour and background colour of notification. I have seen coloured notification on other apps. Can we customize notification design? And I want show image also. Is it possible in Cordova( ionic v1) I have referred following code for local notification.

id: i,
title: ’ Alerts ',
message: messagefield,
at: notificationTime, // firstAt and at properties must be an IETF-compliant RFC 2822 timestamp
every: ‘day’, // this also could be minutes i.e. 25 (int)

I have not seen colored notifications before. Could you include any apps or screenshots that have colored notifications?

Are you referring to in-app notifications? If so, you could most definitely style those how you like, it will just depend on how you handle those notifications. For example, I use a custom popup for my in-app notifications which I can style however I desire.

But if you are referring to system-wide notifications, such as “XXX liked your photo on Instagram”, these are handled at the OS level and you cannot style them.

Please look at this notification they have given notification in the background. I’m also answered this infront of my client suddenly they showed this and I captured this from my client.