How to get specific pages?


Can you help me with this one?

I am working on an app that has the following features:
-working Login/Signup page
-Home -> Sidemenu (ListPage, IncomePage)

What i want to do is: on the backend side the authenticated account gets an ID (id1 and id2), and i need this:
If a person is ID1, then he can only see and use the ListPage option.
If a person is ID2, then he can only see and use the IncomePage.

How can I achieve this? What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

@Astrix You can use ionic events to implement this functionality.
ionic3 events

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Use the ionic conference starter app to get a nice example

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In your menu.ts, have an if-else condition to store the pages array

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Thank you very much!

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