How to get selected value from ion-radio to display in form

I have the following pen to illustrate my problem. I want users to be able to select a Shirt Size and I want to capture the selection on the main form (“Sample Form”)

On the left menu, select Form, enter first name, last name, and then tap below the Shirt Size to see the list of sizes.

See the Pen ion radio select by Luis Cabrera (@gigocabrera) on CodePen.

How can I get the selected shirt size to display on the Sample Form?

Bumping this for no reply in 23 days

it is because of view caching -> your scope is decoupled on state change.
if you go back the scope is coupled again with your templates

To do an update ionicView gives you some events to listen:

@bengtler that works like a charm for me. You’re the best. Thank you !