How to get data out of app storage?

Hi guys - any advice is appreciated for this.

I need to create an offline iPad app for an event. It will be used by many users who will fill out a form and I need to keep their entries (e.g. name, contact number, email, answer).

After the event, I just need to get the data from the iPad and save it in a format suitable for spreadsheets (e.g. CSV).

I just wanted to know your thoughts on the best way to achieve this, bearing in mind no APIs are used.


One easy solution would be to store the data with @ionic/storage during the event. Then add a button “Upload” that you use after the event that sends the data to some server or you could use the Social Sharing to send it via email.

Thanks. In the end - I went with storing data into storage. Then using the File and EmailComposer plugin to allow the user to send an email to themselves with a CSV file of the entries.