How to get camera frames in real time?


I need to get the frames of the camera in real time to process them one by one and go showing the result. I do not find a specific form or plugin to do that. I need help please.


Please check this answer, it might be of help:


Thank you very much for your reply. It is useful but does not solve the problem because what I want is to get the frames from the camera of the phone. I imagine that other Ionic developers must have had similar problems and I explain a little better:
A video has different formats and different frames per second. A normal speed can be 24 frames per second which means that in a second you get 24 images of what is happening at that time. So what I need is to get those 24 frames from the phone’s camera.
The solution seems more natural with a purely native development but I would like to know if there is a way to do this with Ionic.
Now I comment my advances:
Since I have not found a plugin that gets the frames in real time of the video I have focused on making as many photos as possible in a second. As those images or frames I need to modify them and then display them on a canvas or an img with html I have not used the ngCordova camera plugin because it raises the camera of the phone and puts it in the foreground without being visible but nothing. To have the camera in the background what I have used is camerapreview and cameraserver. As for performance I have stayed with the cameraserver because it is much faster. In the end the most I’ve got is between 7 and 15 frames per second and that’s not a solution.
Since it is a challenge to do it with Ionic I would like if someone in the community has worked or has seen something similar or have some idea that can help me and developers with similar tasks.
Thanks in advance.