How to get back to the app after In App Browser view

I have implemented In App Browser-native feature on my app.That feature is working fine.Now I have an issue.When a user clicks the back button of the device after go the web page then It doesn’t show any dynamic data on the app.I have implemented data fetching part inside the constructor().Can you tell me how to solve this issue? The app is working fine on other use cases.This only happens when I go to the browser.

This is the Video about the issue: Video

constructor(public storage: Storage) {

    super.getToken().then((val) => {//get token
      this.token = val;

  //get event list
  getEventList(data): any {

      result => {
       this.eventList = this.getManagedEventList(result.eventinfo);
      err => { loading.dismiss(); },
      () => { loading.dismiss(); }

This is an issue of “Ionic View” app.It is working fine on the real device.Please see here for more details.