How to force different slots for Android and iOS

Hey guys,

is it possible to show a tabs-bar on iOS on slot="bottom" and on Android slot="top"? How can I achives this, any idea?

Thanks Oliver

check your platform, assign the value to a variabile like isPlatformAndroid

and do a *ngIf in your html

<yourtag *ngIf="isPlatformAndroid; elseBlock" slot="top">
   <yourtag #elseBlock slot="bottom">

maybe you can achive the same thing with something like

<yourtag  [slot]="isPlatformAndroid ? 'top' : 'bottom'">

but i’m not sure, I can’t test it right now.

Hey @ciccilleju,

I will test it tonight - but makes sense to me. I stopped using Ionic a few month ago and I got to get in touch with it again. Will let you know asap!

Thanks, Oliver