How to fix the Kitchen App Sample's Dependencies?


Hi, I am trying to check out the Kitchen Sink application demo from github.

But when I open the index.html file, nothing loads…

I have checked and I saw the dependencies are all wrong, and also when I check in dev tools console, I can see this error:
“ReferenceError: angular is not defined”

I was wandering if this is a bug or is it just that i don’t really know how to load this perhaps? In case anyone has a fix for this i would be happy, I really would like to check out this application sample.



I checked again and saw that the problem is in the file:
in line number 4:

angular.module(‘demoApp’, [‘ionic’])

this line for some reason doesn’t fire angular…anybody knows how to fix this?


The nightly versions of the kitchen sink site is up and working


Hi Mhartington, Thanks for that, I appreciate it :smile:
Is there going to be any version in git so i can download, and build in phonegape?



Just tried to run the Kitchen sink too, but Cordova fails to load the JS and stuff.

This is the error:

Fixing the HTML’s double slashes:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//ionic/css/ionic.min.css">
<script src="//ionic/js/ionic.bundle.min.js"></script>
<script src="//pages-data.js"></script>

Would load the first screen, but the links doesn’t work:

What’s the issue?!


The kitchen sink isn’t really setup at the moment to just be downloaded and run in cordova.

More just a website at the moment.


And why it doesn’t work in my browser when I try to run?
What needs to be changed to run OK?


This seems to be working fine in the browser


Locally it isn’t working…



Do I need to run any command when cloning it clean from repo?


Well since it’s an angular app, it needs some kind of a server.
In this case, I just have a simple python server.

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer


It would be great to have this running inside an app. Even to test devices quality…

But having an url is a good start…


In due time, it’s on my TODO list


Testing kitchensink on my WP8:

  • IE always init the scrollbars, so some tests