How to fix page size in ionic application

hello all…please help… i want to fix my page size …because my page is scroll down automatically …i don’t know how ?
please check my code

            <ion-row >
                    <ion-col col-2>
                            <button ion-button (click)="takePhoto()" >
                            <ion-icon name="camera"></ion-icon> &nbsp;&nbsp; </button> 
                            <!-- <img src= {{photo}} *ngIf="photo" class="thumb-img" imageViewer/> -->
                    <ion-col col-8>
                        <!-- <ion-textarea> placeholder="Describe about image here"</ion-textarea> -->
                        <ion-input placeholder="Describe about image here"></ion-input>
                  <ion-col col-2>
                  <button ion-button >SEND </button>

i already use …but not getting solution