How to execute this plan



I am new to ionic and try to implement following functionality

  1. User Login ( Able to do that)

Now i need All user data(Large amount) and need to save into SQL Lite . Its seems too long if i request to send data in once. Can i send multiple http Request to server ?

Or Is there is any other way to do this ?



Too long? Do you mean, server is taking too long to process that request?
If speed is that you are worried about, then I would say to decrease the number of http requests.


Terms lke ‘slow’ or ‘large amount of data’ are too vague.

Have you profiled your app so that you can say where you spend most of the time?

You must determine whether the problem is in the http requests or in the SQL Lite writes.

For the http requests you must then know which part is due to server side processing and which part is due to network.

Without this profiling data, you may shoot in the dark.