How to enable Apple Pay or other capabilities for iOS builds on AppFlow

Hello. I am unable to get apple pay to run on the ios apps that I am building with appflow. With a manual build using Xcode, you have to add a capability under signing and capabilities tab of the project but I don’t see a way how to do that on appflow. I did read that fastlane allows this with the “enable-services” flag but I don’t know how to do the same on appflow.

Hi @hamza_mdev,

For some general guidance, we have this knowledge base article for missing entitlements:

For Appflow specific guidance, I recommend reviewing the App ID configuration to confirm the capabilities are enabled, and also check the certificate and provisioning profile are both configured properly for entitlements and capabilities. If you make any changes to these you will want to make sure to regenerate the certificate and provisioning profile as well and upload these again as described in this documentation:

If you complete these steps and the issue persists, please reach out to Appflow support for further assistance. Thanks!

Thank you for the reply!

All certificates and profiles are generated correctly, that is why apple pay works when I build manually through xcode. I read these documentations but couldn’t find anything, so I created a support ticket.

So did you find a solution?)