How to do I create the web version instead of defaulting to the mobile version?

I’m new to Ionic and Angular. I’ve built a small app but need to know how I create it for the web as the default app is for mobile.

I think this question will be easier to answer if you elaborate more on what you consider “for the web” as opposed to “for mobile”.

When I look at the docs on the Ionic website it does not show anything for “Web” only for “Android” and “iOS”. Does this help?

Not much, no.

I think of “Ionic”, at this point, as largely a UI component library. As such, it is pretty agnostic about how it gets built and deployed. The same company behind Ionic makes Capacitor, which assists with building mobile apps, but for any “web” deployment I can think of, the building and deployment is completely the responsibility of the application framework.

For example, I use Angular. So if you are going to do that as well, I would point you at Angular’s deployment documentation, which is perfectly usable with Ionic apps. If you don’t want Angular, then look for documentation on the framework you do want.

Thanks for the reply. I figured out what I wanted to do. (-:

At first you need some aquar knowledg about web version then you know gets built and deployet.