How to display an image taken from Camera

So… I tried to put this.path = this.navParams.get(“imagePath”) in ionViewDidEnter the result is still the same.

But I have a news: now I am running with this command: ionic cordova run android -l -c --prod

Then I tried to do: ionic cordova run android, in this case I am able to see the taken picture!!!

So, the problem is soved but why with -l -c --prod doesn’t work?

And also, I want to see my app in the chrome app debug :frowning:


-l = live reload (I think)
-c = console logs (I think)
–prod = tell the bundler to perform all possible compression to reduce the size of the bundle

try to see if the problem comes with -l or --prod

if -l, then well I would say it’s like this
if --prod, you have an error in your code

the problem is due by the live reload param…

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good then. no idea how to solve that. if you could live with it aka not use live reload when you use the camera, I guess it’s ok

have fun

Many thanks!

Now it works fine

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