How to disable this scroll Animation on ios (VIDEO ADDED)?


Since this Scroll Animation appeared my Lazy Loading doesnt work anymore:

As you can see even the Tabs on the Bottom move if i scroll.
I have nothing added to my list. I use it as everyone else does:


The same application on android hasnt this weird animation and also the lazy loading on the bottom works.
Please help me!


When and why did it appear?


It appeared after i updatet angular to 4.x and ionic to 2.2 i guess


someone any idea how i can disable this? maybe @mhartington ?


Ionic 2.2 and Angular 4? Ionic 2.X runs with Angular 2.X and not 4.x…
Upgrade to Ionic 3 if you want to run Angular 4. I think you talked about the Ionic CLI 2.X

And do not lazy load the tabs. Lazyload the tabs pages.


easy just give your <ion-content > > no-bounce
it should look like this <ion-content no-bounce>


ill try that out later. Ill mark your answer as Solution if it did work!


@MarcusIII didnt work


Could you please provide us with the component code/template? Because it’s a little bit hard to tell what’s going on without seeing any of your code.