How to disable splash screen on iOS?

In PhoneGap documentation write:

Optionally, set the useSplashScreen property, which defaults to NO:

viewController.useSplashScreen = YES;

But in the file CDVViewController I could not find such a line.
Maybe there is another way?

I’m not familiar with doing that. However, it’s not a topic really specific to Ionic. You might be better off searching on StackOverflow or Cordova/PhoneGap forums.

useSplashScreen was depreciated in Xcode 4.5, so I believe it has been removed. The splash screen plugin should shed some light on how to control the splash screen from the objective C side of things.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to use it directly.

*I’m assuming you’re trying to use the cleaver method to add a cordova instance to an existing iOS app.

*edited for readability

please refresh link. Have a nice day!