How to disable native keyboard?

Hi all!

In my Ionic 2 application I would like to build “virtual” keyboard with a special characters (like α, β, ζ, …) and I need to disable native keyboard for my input field.

  .subscribe(data => {
    setTimeout(() => Keyboard.close(), 0);

Code above doesn’t helps because:

  1. Keyboard shows before hiding :frowning:
  2. Input field loses focus

Thank you!

  1. You’d even up having to build your own text inputs that do not include native <inputs> Since the browser has it’s own default functionality that cannot be disabled.

  2. This would be a nightmare to build. There’s so many possible issues that could go wrong and the pros do not out-weight the cons in this case. In stead, use the native keyboards own internationalization and allow people to enter these special characters.