How to detect overflow

hi , I am trying to detect the overflow. I am trying to list user images in a single row and if its overflowed depending on the device screen size / changes in screen orientation.

I tried to do this using media queries but no luck…I am using Ionic 3


<ion-row style="padding: 7px;" nowrap>
      <ion-row style="overflow: hidden; height: 55px;">
           <ion-col col-auto *ngFor="let image of images">
                <img src="assets/images/image.png" />
      <ion-col *ngIf="showButton" col-auto align-self-center>
         <img src="assets/images/more3.svg">


 showButton = true;

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController,
                public modalCtrl: ModalController,
                private postService: PostService,
                private app: App,
                private el: ElementRef){

      this.images = new Array(10);


I am trying to hide the button more when the row is no longer overflowed and items fit the screen and show when its not.

any suggestions, thanx