How to detect if container object is zoomed when using ion-scroll

Hi, I am using ion-scroll with zoom enabled like so:

<ion-scroll has-bouncing=false min-zoom=1 zooming="true"
                            direction="xy" style="width: 100%; ">

Inside ion-scroll, I have an image.

Is there a way to know if the image has been zoomed? The problem I am facing is I have also enabled on-swipe on the image. When a person swipes, he moves to the next image.

The problem is that when an image is zoomed, he is actually panning the image and on-swipe gets activated as most people ‘flick’ thus meeting the velocity defined for on-swipe. What I want to implement is “if the image is zoomed” disable on-swipe action. For this, I need to know if the image is zoomed but I don’t see any way defined in


I did a bit of digging around and found the controller code for ion-scroll

How do I go about accessing its zoom functions?

I left this issue alone and came back to it. I was overthinking the problem.
As it turns out getScrollPosition() returns zoom level of the object inside the scroll container.

So all I needed to do was add a delegate-handle=“imgscroll” to the scroll container and then do this inside the on-swipe-xxx handlers

       console.log("Image is zoomed in - not honoring swipe");