How to delete Folders/Files in ionic 1


I have a project which has around 50 images, based on login i want to delete some images from the list of images. Here my intention is to reduce the app size (after built) by deleting some existing files in apk/ipa files. How to provide this functionality inside the app in ionic 1?
Thank you


Why do you load images from api ?? Only the images that user logged can see?
I think that you cant create, delete or update files that are inside the apk/ipa.


I have the requirement that, while building ionic project i want to include all the files. Once we installed that apk/ipa into mobile, then i want to remove some selected files from that apk/ipa file (from mobile, after we installed). I don’t know whether is it possible or not. But i want to implement this functionality into my app. If it is not possible is there any other way to achieve same task?
Thank you


I do that:

Users logged and then will download images by his profile… and store it sqlite/localstorage or link cdn…


You can’t remove anything that was installed via the .apk file.