How to delay transition between views


I’m using the latest ionic rc4.

I’ve got multiple views with background images (base 64 encoded in the css). On iOS I got the problem that the background is not rendered until the transition has ended. This feels like a short flash and is pretty unaesthetic.

How can I delay the transition for safari to have enough time to pre-render the view’s background?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, This is related to your issue?


Hi @mikeon,

thanks for your reply. Sadly this is not what I’d like to achieve. I want the browser to render the view before the transition starts.

The topic you suggested is about waiting for the transition to end and afterwards start loading images and stuff.


At the moment, this is going to be possible.


@mhartington I’m sorry, i don’t understand.
Do you say it’s not possible yet, but it will be?


Sorry, yes, this will not possible at the moment.