How to debug with GapDebug in RC2?


Upgraded my app from beta 11 to RC2. I re-created the app and spent several hours of copying the old code in and updating it to the new approach. Now it is working in my desktop browser. However, any view which requires data from my REST api just never loads. I’m guessing perhaps a whitelist issue (???). In order to troubleshoot I fired up GapDebug*. It connects to the app, but the source is all minified and dumped into a single build/main.js file which is impossible to debug. How can we use source maps or prevent minification altogether in order to debug on the device?

*Note I had to use the hotfix for GapDebug found here:


I found that my problem was due to ngOnInit() of the base class not being called. I worked around that problem for now. However, I would still appreciate any info about debugging TypeScript in GapDebug, since my typescript no longer shows up.