How to Debug White Screen of Death on App Update

I’m having trouble debugging a white screen of death that appears ONLY in the following circumstsance:

  1. A device has a pre-existing version of the app installed
  2. The device updates to the new version of the app
  3. Upon loading, and only immediately after updating, a white screen appears after the splash screen

I have seen and debugged this symptom before, but here is the problem: after attaching the process to Safari and reloading, EVERYTHING IS FINE. No errors, the app loads without issue. This seems to only occur the very first time a user updates to the new version of the app, but I can’t attach to the process quickly enough to see any errors.

Is there a way I can see what’s going on? Thanks!

any luck with this @mododev? I’m getting the same issue

Sounds like a problem with the phone. Have you tried other devices?

Hey Joon - As it turns out, it was a problem with requiring a locally stored variable in the new build when old builds never saved it - I was performing a check to see if it existed and setting a default if it didn’t, but my check wasn’t working as expected.

Unfortunately, I never figured out how to properly debug this as it just happened too quickly to see any output. Finding the solution ended up being nothing more than an educated guess. :confused: