[how to debug remotely] issue: Footer does not display in Samsung Galxy


My ionic app has footer section with 3 buttons in.
I tested the app in 2 android devices locally, the footer displays well.

One remote user told me that all page components display well except the footer (not showing at all) in his samsung galaxy pro 12.2 tablet, the operating system is android lollipop 5.0.2.

Any idea how I can troubleshoot in such scenario?


Best case: Get this device physically and remote debug it:
Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Chrome dev tools: https://ionic.zone/debug/remote-debug-your-app#android Look at the console and network tabs for errors.

Alternative: Use something like Testobject and see if they have this device on hand so you can at least play with it. Maybe you can also somehow remote debug this, no idea.

I see, thanks Sujan12.

The best case is not an option as the user is phyiscally on the other end of the world.

If you are in communication with tehm, maybe get him to install a debug version (via HockeyApp maybe), remote connect to his computer (using Teamviewer or similar) and do via that what I linked above.

Thanks, I will give it a try.