How to debug app store upgrade problems

Hi all,
We just released a new major version of our app, and everything was looking good. I upgraded cordova, and various plugins for this release. Too many updates to track down and list here, but everything was working great on all devices.

Now that it’s released and listed in the app store, we’re hearing from ios users (android works fine) that after they update to the newest version, the app boots to a white screen. If they uninstall and reinstall, everything works fine. I know the white screen issue is likely just some angular crash, but how can I test this? I could install an older dev build on my phone, but any app store version installs side by side rather than upgrade. In addition to that, I can’t attach to a release build in order to find out what the error is. So I have no information to debug with. Any advice here?

Figured out how to test this. Some links that helped: