How to create wrapper templates inside ionic native and cordova custom plugin

We already have the custom plugin in Cordova, we just want to add the three front end page inside the plugin using ionic and angular.

  • The first page is the camera screen which will extract the information from a scan card
  • The second page will be get populated with the extract information and get validated
  • The third-page extra information will be asked and add in the form and at last, all the information gets to save and send as the response in the callback.

We just want to create templates using ionic and angular inside the Cordova plugin.

Apologies if I’m (very likely) misunderstanding this question, so for the benefit of anybody else who misread it the same way I did, can you please clarify that you’re not really trying to incorporate an entire Ionic runtime environment, JavaScript engine, WebView and all into a Cordova plugin?


Actually, We already have an Ionic native node package and Cordova custom plugin. We just want to add some wrapper templates into the plugin. So when the user installs the both ionic native and Cordova custom plugin, so they don’t need to add any separate template. They just need to call the SDK function directly using any button and the UI is automatically rendered on the mobile screen.

You can take any payment gateway for example.

I think the only suggestion I can make at this point is to scour the Internet for a plugin that includes similar functionality, and emulate it.

We did not find anything on internet regarding my requirement. If you know anything about this so please let us know.

Thanks in advanced