How to create Grid-like Product listing on Ionic Framework?

Good day,

Please I would like to achieve these functions on my ionic app. The app syncs my magento store products with my app. However, customizing it has been a bit of a challenge. Here is the link to my ionic app:

Here is some of the functions I would like included.

  1. I would like a grid like display of my products instead of the list view. Screenshot of what I want.

Grid Image

  1. I would like my app to fetch the product options associated with each product. Most of my products are configurable product, but the app seems to only work with simple products. The developer said I need to send product option id in addToCart post request. Please kindly guide me through this. Something like this.

Product Options

  1. I would like my navigation menu to look like this.

Nav Menu

  1. My checkout page does not seem to work properly.

  2. My app does not capture my shipping cost as it does on my website.

Thanks, I would really appreciate your help on this matter.

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Hi, any luck with the Grid design? Any Ideas anywhere