How to create a react app whose root will be on a specific path

I am building an ionic app in React, and need it to be accessible in a specific path, not root (’/’). i.e. instead of /index.html, it will be reachable via: /app-path1/index.html .

How do I tell the build process to use “/app-path1” as the base path?

This affects entries in index.html in the build so that “/manifest.json” that should become “/app-path1/manifest.json”, or “/assets/icon/favicon.png” becomes “/app-path1/assets/icon/favicon.png”.

It affects the boot of the react scripts, that instead of being loaded from “/static/js/…” should now be loaded from /app-path1/static/js…"

It also affects content security policy for the app, and of course the router itself IonReactRouter.

My app will be served from Node/Express, using express.static on one of the branches of the server.