How to contribute to Ionic?

Hi there,

I was wondering is there a publicly available road map to be able to refer to? I would like to contribute to the Ionic Framework but I’m not sure where to begin.

I’m also in the list. Can someone tell me how to start contributing in ionic core project ?

Hey @msoni11

I think the right place to do that would be the ionic repo here:

  1. Many people need help in the issues section
  2. Docs can always be improved
  3. You can help add new features, or optimized the existing ones

P.S: master branch is Ionic 1 and 2.0 branch is Ionic 2

Thanks for your reply @ihadeed.

I’ve followed what they have mentioned in README: and

but I don’t see it either in dist or demo folder.

Did you run gulp demos command?

This isn’t anything official, I’m not sure what the ionic team is up to. But here are my two cents:
I would suggest contributing to newer projects that the ionic team is working on, like ionic 2. I think there is more help needed there, and it is probably a higher priority project than ionic 1. Ionic 1 is the current stable version but I expect it to be some what depreciated soon.

Yes I did.

I can’t as I’m currently running a project that is going to live soon. I can’t take risk at this point changing the version.

Oh ok, that makes sense.

I’m sorry I can’t help you more with the demo problem. I never tried going through that process before, so it would be hard for me to help out here.

No problem @ihadeed.

I will explore more to see how can I start working with core ionic. Thanks for your help btw :slight_smile:

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This issue helped me starting ionic-demo