How to clear old app data for a update?


Hi all, I see some clear history and clear cache tutorials on the forum, but is there possible to clear app data for an app?
Because I made a huge change in my database, but the updated app still shows the old database.

Thanks in advanced.


Same problem. I am working with sqlite database, I’ve to uninstall the app to get the database updated.


I found that I can just change the name of that database, so that CordovaSqlite will copy and use that new database.


It’s an idea. But maybe consume too much device storage space for old database.


delete the old database using the cordova sqlite plugin code.

window.sqlitePlugin.deleteDatabase({name: "my.db", location: 1}, successcb, errorcb);

then create the new database with the pre bundled code in your update.


Thanks a lot. @gaurav_ch