How to change the start position of the "swipeBackEnabled" gesture


is it possible to change the start position of the swipe back gesture (distance to the left screen edge)? Currently the swipe gesture must start near the left edge of the screen. I would like to relax this a little bit.
For example that gesture can start in the left half of the screen.

Yes it is indeed possible.

As example we take your swipe Event in TS:

swipeEvent($e) {
  $e.deltaX = -130;

Initialize this function and your card will be on the left. :blush:

EDIT: I misread your question I am sorry.
But what you can also do is in your HTML you add the swipeEvent as example like this:

<div (swipe)="swipeEvent($event)"><div>


swipeEvent($e) {
  if ($e.deltaX <= 10) {
      //add swipe back code here

If you swipe to the right and added the swipe back code then you should come to the page you were before and it will start more in the middle if you want to switch sides then just a minus infront of 10.

Thanks for your response. Currently i enable the ionic swipe to go back functionality in the app.module.ts file:

IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp, {
    swipeBackEnabled: true          

So swipe back works automagically on every view. I looked at the ionic source code and in my opinion there is currently no way to override the edge start. It seems to be fixed in the constructor of the SwipeBackGesture class swipe-back.ts.

maxEdgeStart: 75

Try changing this to 50. What happens if you do that ?

I don’t know how to override this value :slight_smile: ! The class doesn’t read the value from the global config.